Cosmos Organ: Iveta Apkalna

Cosmos Organ: Iveta Apkalna

Iveta Apkalna (Foto: Aiga Redmane)

Cosmos Organ: Iveta Apkalna

Mon 20. Nov 2023 19.30 Grosse Tonhalle
Iveta Apkalna Orgel
Thierry Escaich «Évocation II»
Lionel Rogg «Deux Visions de l'Apocalypse»:
«La Femme et le Dragon»
«La Cité céleste»
Johann Sebastian Bach «Ricercar a sei» aus «Musikalisches Opfer» BWV 1079
Franz Liszt Fantasie und Fuge über den Choral «Ad nos, ad salutarem undam» (nach Meyerbeers «Le Prophète»)
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Kosmos Orgel: Iveta Apkalna
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Which piano plays all by itself?

Organs are complicated instruments – no one knows that better than the organists themselves. And so our focus artist Iveta Apkalna has selected for her recital works by composers who know what you can get out of an organ. The Frenchman Thierry Escaich has been working at the St. Étienne-du-Mont church in Paris since 1997 – and has also demonstrated his flair for scenic sounds in three operas. The Swiss Lionel Rogg already hints at what to expect in the title "Deux Visions de l'Apocalypse". And Liszt's Fantasy and Fugue also suggest stage associations: The chorale that served as his model comes from Meyerbeer's opera "Le Prophète".

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