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Question no. 16
Who Were the Mothers of Schönberg and Haydn?
Question no. 15
Why Does Yuja Wang Wear High Heels?
Question no. 13
Who Celebrates his 80th Birthday at 83?
Question no. 13
How do you Compose a Family?
Question no. 12
What to do When Your Instagram Account is Hacked?
Question no. 11
What Does Paavo Järvi Conduct With?
Question no. 10
How Does an Orchestra Talk About Love?
Frage Nr. 09
Warum setzen wir den Genderstern?
Question no. 08
How did marketing work in the 19th century?
Frage Nr. 07
Wer hat Platon in Musik übersetzt?
Frage Nr. 06
Wo wird in der Tonhalle Zürich immer noch gebaut?
Frage Nr. 05
Was kommt aus Wuhan, ist aber kein Virus?