Mischa Greull (Foto: Alberto Venzago)
Bruckner's 4th Symphony

My Take: Mischa Greull

In Bruckner's "Romantic" we hear an idyllic horn call several times. Mischa Greull, our solo hornist, tells us about his part.

"In January, Bruckner's Symphony No. 4 is on the programme. The famous
horn motif falls to me. That means three things - joy in the first place. And moreover, of course, a great honour. But it also means stage fright. A phenomenon that top musicians talk about too rarely, it is almost a taboo, although it is the most natural thing in the world if you are aware of your responsibility. Nervousness remains difficult to prepare for despite all the experience. In a rehearsal, the pulse does not go up to 150, so mental training remains important. I imagine the situation very clearly in my mind's eye, imagine the sound in the room, how it feels when a wall reflects it. It will be warm, full and safe. That's what I'll call up at the moment of my big commitment."

Recorded by Melanie Kollbrunner

Translated with DeepL.com

published: 04.01.2022