Trinity in der Tonhalle Zürich (Foto: Koller Auktionshaus)

Goodbye, Trinity

The Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, which was a guest in the concert foyer of the Tonhalle Zürich for three weeks, is moving on to Antwerp. The new owner, the art foundation «The Phoebus Foundation» will make it publicly accessible in a cultural centre there.

Trinity moves to Antwerp, according to the non-profit art foundation «The Phoebus Foundation». It acquired the female dinosaur for 5.5 million Swiss francs on 18 April in the course of an auction at Koller Auctions. The skeleton is to be shown to the public in the «Boerentoren» cultural centre designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.

More than 35,000 people visited Trinity at the Tonhalle Zürich before it went under the hammer: concertgoers having a drink in the foyer, school classes, collectors, families and fans came for a date with the female T-Rex. The free tickets for the visit were quickly booked up, and so it happened that curious people caught a glimpse from the terrace. Many press articles far beyond Switzerland and Europe, television and radio broadcasts and blogs were produced in these weeks, and of course many selfies were posted on social media.

Originally, Trinity comes from the USA. It consists of three dinosaur skeletons and has a spectacular proportion of just over 50% real bone material. No wonder, it had a magnetic effect in the concert foyer. We look forward to seeing you again in Antwerp and wish you a safe journey.

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Der Aufbau von Trinity im Zeitraffer
published: 19.04.2023