Film Symphony – Nosferatu

Film Symphony – Nosferatu

Europäische FilmPhilharmonie © Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung

Film Symphony – Nosferatu

Fri 24. Feb 2023 19.30 Grosse Tonhalle
Sat 25. Feb 2023 18.30 Grosse Tonhalle
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich
Frank Strobel Conductor
Christopher Young Komposition
"Nosferatu – Eine Sinfonie des Grauens" (D 1922) Regie: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Neue Filmmusik von Christopher Young 2022 – Uraufführung
Prices CHF 90 / 75 / 55 / 40 / 30
In Zusammenarbeit mit der Europäischen FilmPhilharmonie
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Long fingers, bald skull, insane gaze: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau shaped the aesthetics of horror films for decades with the title character of his 1922 "Nosferatu". Equally remarkable, however, is the subtitle of this vampire saga: "A Symphony of Horror" it reads, somewhat surprisingly for a silent film - which was underpinned with very different sounds in the course of its history. We show it with the brand new score by Christopher Young, who specialises in horror films; most recently he composed the soundtracks for "The Empty Man" and "Graveyard of the Cuddly Animals".

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