Family Concert: Completely Detached

Family Concert: Completely Detached

Illustration: Jil Wiesner

Family Concert: Completely Detached

Sun 24. Mar 2024 11.15 Grosse Tonhalle
Sun 24. Mar 2024 14.15 Grosse Tonhalle
Mon 25. Mar 2024 10.00 Grosse Tonhalle
Mon 25. Mar 2024 14.00 Grosse Tonhalle
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich
Christopher Morris Whiting Conductor
Alain Schudel Violoncello
Daniel Schaerer Violoncello
Charles Lewinsky Dramaturgie
Dominique Müller Regie
Marek Beles Video
Völlig losgelöst Das DuoCalva bereitet das Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich auf die Eroberung des Weltalls vor.
Mit Werken von R. Strauss, G. Holst, W.A. Mozart, H. Zimmer, J. Williams u.a.
Prices CHF 35 / Kinder bis 12 Jahre: CHF 10
Trailer: Völlig losgelöst

The Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich wants to venture into new galaxies. In order to bring this ambitious project into the right orbit, two proven space experts have been engaged. The two cello players of the DuoCalva are well acquainted with the musical preferences of the aliens and catapult the orchestra into space with a lot of humour, galactic music and off-the-wall ideas. Whether the masterpieces by Mozart, Strauss, Holst or Major Tom will hold their own in weightlessness will be revealed at this family concert. In any case, the entertaining mission guarantees a starry hour for the whole family. And if you fancy it, come dressed up as an astronaut, alien or rocket.

From 8 years

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