Family Concert: The Great Penguin and Banana Show

Family Concert: The Great Penguin and Banana Show

Illustration: Jil Wiesner

Family Concert: The Great Penguin and Banana Show

Sun 30. Jun 2024 11.15 Kleine Tonhalle
Sun 30. Jun 2024 14.15 Kleine Tonhalle
Ardemus Quartet
Lisa Wyss Sopransaxophon
Lovro Merčep Altsaxophon
Jenita Veurink Tenorsaxophon
Deborah Witteveen Baritonsaxophon
Margrith Vrenegoor Regie
Emile Zeldenrust Videodesign
Teus van der Stelt Lichtdesign
Judith de Zwart Kostüme
Har Smeets Off-Text
Die grosse Pinguin- und Bananenshow Vier Pinguine auf abenteuerlicher Reise zum Bananenladen.
Mit Musik von Claude Debussy, George Gershwin, Toek Numan u.a.
Prices CHF 35 / Kinder bis 12 Jahre: CHF 10
Trailer «Die grosse Pinguin- und Bananenshow»

Please note that the parade of the Federal Costume Festival will take place in the city centre from 1 to 5.30 pm. Allow sufficient time for your journey.

Four penguins live in Katona at the South Pole. They are all Beatles fans and all love bananas. One watches films with bananas, one wants to become a yoga teacher, one cooks with bananas and one practises kungfu. Every year, the four of them travel to the banana tree at the South Pole and put on a big penguin and banana show. But one day the tree disappears without a trace ... An animal adventure with saxophone sounds by Claude Debussy, George Gershwin and Toek Numan.

From 5 years