Chamber Music Soirées with Martin Fröst, Roland Pöntinen and the Carillon Quartett

«That's where I think of beauty first of all»

Violinist Elisabeth Bundies and cellist Christian Proske are both members of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich as well as the Carillon Quartet. A conversation about Mozart's clarinet quintet and what soloist Martin Fröst and Paavo Järvi have in common.

Martin Fröst (Foto: Alberto Venzago)
Martin Fröst (Foto: Alberto Venzago)
Roland Pöntinen (Foto: Simon Larson)
Carillon Quartett (Foto: Priska Ketterer)

Elisabeth Bundies, soon you will perform Mozart's Clarinet Quintet with one of the current Focus artists of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich. What is to be expected?

EB: In any case, nothing commonplace. I sat in the orchestra when Martin Fröst played Nielsen's clarinet concerto with us five years ago, his performance was extraordinary in many ways and yet it did not seem put-on.

CP: An extrovert artist like Fröst who is beyond mainstream makes you curious. And the choice of the piece is wonderful. It makes me think of the term beauty. That may sound corny. But Mozart's Clarinet Quintet is so balanced, so incredibly good. The warmth of the clarinet in the slow movement ... I start to rave. And then with an exciting soloist like Martin Fröst. How will the musical cooperation go? Where is the limit of extravagance in the interpretation of Mozart? I'm curious and happy.

Paavo Järvi brings several exceptional musicians to Zurich as Focus artists ...

EB: ... and that's good. These «young savages» are invigorating.

CP: The spontaneity of the music they cultivate is exactly what we look forward to when working with Paavo Järvi. This courage, this desire to explore limits, that fits wonderfully. The nice thing is that our motivation is based not only on the reputation of Paavo Järvi but on the experience of previous concerts together, and it was his great agility that inspires us, the constant attention he demands from the orchestra.

EB: That's right. One is motivated and willing to participate under him, but one also has to, one never knows which turn he will come up with next. We are all looking forward to a great time. I really think we got the jackpot here.

published: 28.11.2019