This is Estonia!

How well do you know Estonia? On the occasion of our Chief Conductor and Music Director Paavo Järvi, we have compiled the most important facts about Estonia, asked what the Estonians are particularly proud of and reveal what Swiss and Estonians have in common.

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This too is Estonia:

This is what the Estonians love to drink

Beer and potash

The Estonians like to eat this

Sauerkraut after Mulgikapsad style

What few know about Estonia

Exactly 30 years ago, some 2 million Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians stood hand in hand 600 kilometers - from Tallinn to Vilnius, protesting so peacefully against the Russian regime. This demonstration was registered as the «Baltic Way» in the Guinness Book of Records.
A few years later, the three countries regained their independence.

What few Swiss know about Estonia

The (now Swiss) rapper Stress is originally Este and lived the first 12 years in Estonia (then Soviet Union).

The Estonians are particularly proud of that
Choir singing and Skype

Typical Estonian to Paavo
Very hard-working. Uncomplicated.

Non-typical to Paavo, the Estonian
Communicative. Multicultural.

That's what the Estonians think about Paavo
He is the best ambassador for Estonia - wherever he goes.

That many Estonians live in Switzerland
About 800

This is what the Estonians and the Swiss have in common
The love for the green nature and potatoes!

published: 18.09.2019