Die neue Orgel in der Tonhalle Zürich (Foto: Gaëtan Bally)

The organ in figures

Here we would like to present our new organ in a few facts and figures:

The new organ from Orgelbau Kuhn is a tribute to the sound of the Tonhalle Zurich. We look forward to performing this sound in numerous organ concerts and at the Zurich International Organ Festival. More info

The organs in the Tonhalle Zurich

Installation of a Kuhn organ in the Tonhalle in the new Kornhaus

Installation of the Kuhn organ in the new Tonhalle

Remodelling and enlargement of the Kuhn organ

Modernisation of the Kuhn organ with an electro-pneumatic setting device

New organ built by the companies Kleuker and Steinmeyer

Reconstruction of the old Kuhn organ in Zurich's Neumünster church

Inauguration of the new Kuhn organ in the renovated Tonhalle

Unsere neue Orgel

Unser Fokus-Künstler Christian Schmitt stellt Ihnen im folgenden Clip unsere funkelnagelneue Orgel vor:

More facts?

Orgelbau Kuhn has compiled even more facts and background information for you:

Facts about the organ

Disposition of the organ

You can also find more information about the organ on the Königin portal.


You can find more stories and video clips about our new instrument in the organ news section.

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