Literature and Music: Thomas Sarbacher reads Mann

Literature and Music: Thomas Sarbacher reads Mann

Thomas Sarbacher (Foto: Felix Matthies)

Literature and Music: Thomas Sarbacher reads Mann

Sun 17. Mar 2024 11.15 Kleine Tonhalle
Florian Walser Klarinette
Peter McGuire Violine
Ewa Grzywna-Groblewska Viola
Ioana Geangalau-Donoukaras Violoncello
Kamil Łosiewicz Kontrabass
Hendrik Heilmann Klavier
Thomas Sarbacher Lesung
Şeyda Kurt Einführung
Hans Pfitzner Sextett g-Moll op. 55
Thomas Mann Auszüge aus «Der Zauberberg»
Prices CHF 40
Organizer Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zürich AG
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Literaturhaus Zürich
Programme Notes
Literatur und Musik: Thomas Sarbacher liest Mann

Perhaps the men in "The Magic Mountain" do not die of tuberculosis at all, but simply of: Exhaustion. They are still fulfilling their roles, but they are already staggering towards the nothingness nesting in their lungs in the dance of death of the Occident. Of his great love for the cat-eyed Madame Chauchat, the main character Hans Castorp is left only with an X-ray of her ventricle. And even the loftiest discussions with Settembrini can no longer make sense of the senseless against the backdrop of the First World War.
Only one person is not exhausted: Thomas Mann himself. In his descriptions of the waterfall in the Sertig valley, he soars to almost orchestral symphonies of language, in which a thousand thundering drops condense into eloquent clouds. Then again, he scatters the stylistic flowers and garlands of thought of his time over his characters like confetti that one picks out of one's sticky hair on New Year's Day. And as pleasurable as Thomas Mann's irony is for us, it is deadly for his characters. And not only for the men.

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