Arcadi Volodos Piano Recital

The St. Petersburg Arcadi Volodos finished his piano studies in Madrid, where he still lives today. He made his debut in New York at the age of 24 - with resounding success. But it also meant that Volodos was tirelessly on the road.

Arcadi Volodos (Foto: Marco Borggreve)

From the airport to the hotel in the concert hall to the airport etc., he traveled around the world for 17 long years. 200 concerts a year became too much for him. Today he mainly travels around Europe and gives 50 concerts per year.
The filigree, the intimate sound are particularly close to him. He rejects competitions because of their sporty side, he believes that it is no longer a question of music. In his recital, Arcadi Volodos will contrast Liszt's poetic side with the brooding Schumann.

published: 12.02.2020