CD «Messiaen» mit Paavo Järvi und dem Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich

The first joint CD

The first joint CD by Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich and Paavo Järvi with works by Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992):

  • Le Tombeau resplendissant (1931)$
  • Les Offrandes oubliées, Méditation symphonique (1930)
  • Un sourire (1989)
  • L’Ascension, Quatre Méditations symphoniques (1932/33)

Why messiaen? «This first CD makes it clear to the world: we are doing something exciting here!»

Messiaen's music? «Anyone who has never heard Messiaen's music will have no idea, even after minutes, whose music that is. But anyone who knows Messiaen knows immediately after two tones that it is Messiaen. »

Why record CDs during the concert and not in the studio? «Music has to be performed in front of an audience.»

«Messiaen, from today's point of view, after the Second Viennese School, after the French serialism and everything we have experienced, I think is the most original and an absolutely unique voice. One only needs to hear three seconds of a work by Messiaen, and one can immediately be sure that it is a work of his. His style is so clear: the fantastic harmonic language, which may occasionally be so confusing that one is not sure where it leads – and yet you have an inner logic that is absolutely conclusive.»
Paavo Järvi

published: 01.10.2019