Ksenija Sidorova

*1988 / Latvia
Studies in Latvia and Great Britain

The accordion is more associated with street and folk music than the classical concert hall. Yet the Latvian accordionist Ksenija Sidorova is giving her all to change that perception as soon as possible.
Ksenija Sidorova could even play on a piece of cardboard and win her audience’s heart. The fact that she champions the accordion is partly due to coincidence and partly due to her grandmother.
She is readily described as “princess of the accordion” and a “creative volcano”. With her warmth and enthusiasm, she is capable of winning over an entire concert hall for her unusual instrument in a single evening. One evening is also enough to give audiences a feel for the enormous sound spectrum and versatility of this instrument, which works on both large stages and in small, intimate settings.
As an ambassador for the accordion, Ksenija Sidorova wants to explore the sound of contemporary composers as well as revive the traditions of folk music.

Ksenija Sidorova (Foto: Dario Acosta)
Ksenija Sidorova (Foto: Janis Spogivskis)
Ksenija Sidorova (Foto: John Kentish)

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