Do you want to experience music with your class? We’ll be pleased to give school classes of different levels insights into the everyday life of the Orchestra. With our offers, we would like to

  • arouse schoolchildren’s curiosity for classical music
  • familiarise them with music and reduce any associated anxieties
  • give all social classes access to music
  • explain to children and young people the world of a symphony orchestra
  • create unforgettable moments
Schulprojekt (Foto: Francesca C. Bruno)
Schulkonzert (Foto: Francesca Camilla Bruno)
Schulkonzert mit dem Duo Calva (Foto: Francesca Camilla Bruno)
Schulkonzert (Foto: Francesca Camilla Bruno)
Nationaler Zukunftstag 2018 (Foto: zvg)

Would you like to be involved? All offers for schools are organised in cooperation with the Fachstelle Schulkultur der Stadt Zürich (School Culture Office of the City of Zurich) and the Volksschulamt des Kantons Zürich (Elementary School Office of the Canton of Zurich). You will find the current announcements on the City of Zurich’s intranet as well as the Schule&Kultur, where you can register yourself and your class.

Teachers from schools outside the Canton of Zurich interested in this project should please contact Janina Kriszun directly.

Offers for primary schools

Our activities for primary school classes currently focus on the Sing-Romantik Project, which we run twice a year. Register in good time, as places are limited!

Projects for School kids

The primary school children visit the Tonhalle Maag for two days and get to know the musicians of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich. In various workshops they engage intensively with the various instruments of a symphony orchestra, get an insight into the art of conducting and practice singing together with Florian Helgath, choirmaster of the Zürcher Sing-Akademie. With a TOZ musician as a guide, they explore Britten's «The Young Person’s Guide» in class. The catchy work introduces an admirable systematics of the different instrumental groups and the character of each instrument, fulfilling the composer's aim of introducing young people to the possibilities of the symphony orchestra. The work will be performed in a joint final concert of all participating, around 300 primary school children. Accompanied by the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, the students also sing well-known songs. The final concert takes place in the concert hall of Tonhalle Maag and is public (free admission).

National Future Day

On National Future Day, we too open our doors to fifth-year schoolchildren with an interest in music. An exciting and varied programme offers them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the spheres of activity associated with an orchestra.

Announcements and registration via the website only.


Jeweils zwei Primarschulklassen gewähren wir einen Einblick in eine Arbeitsprobe des Tonhalle-Orchesters Zürich in der Tonhalle Maag. Im Vorfeld besucht ein Orchestermitglied Ihre Klasse in der Schule.

Offers for senior classes

We will be pleased to give senior classes a look behind the scenes of the Tonhalle Zurich. Or we bring music to them at school.

Guided tour and dress rehearsal – a peek behind the scenes

Let us take you and your class through the Tonhalle Maag and its backstage facilities. We will tell you how much and what is precisely required to guarantee the smooth running of a concert hall. You will gain insight into various fields of work and the very special world of an orchestra, in which all are responsible for ensuring that, evening after evening, music that touches people can be made.

Following the tour, you and your class will attend the first half of a dress rehearsal. Experience classical music up close with your students.

Musicians’ discussion and rehearsal or concert – experience musicians

A musician from the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich will tell your class about everyday working life in the ensemble. Why does one become a musician? How much does one have to practise? Are professional musicians nervous before concerts? There will be personal and humorous answers to these and any other questions that your students may ask.

After the discussion, you and your class will attend a rehearsal or a concert. Here, your students will experience what they have previously heard and been explained with all their senses.

Concert – Contact with classical music

Many young people may have inhibitions when it comes to attending a classical concert. If they go with their class, this attitude can change. Give your students the opportunity to experience classical music.

Senior classes from the City or Canton of Zurich can reserve tickets for selected concerts. Teachers will receive a description of the concert and links for preparation in the classroom.

«Step in!» für Sekundarklassen

Die Sekundarklassen werden in mehreren Schritten auf einen Konzertbesuch des Tonhalle-Orchesters Zürich vorbereitet. Die verschiedenen Veranstaltungen finden abwechselnd im Klassenzimmer und in der Tonhalle Maag statt.

  • Klassenbesuch eines Orchestermitglieds in der Klasse
  • Besichtigung der Tonhalle Maag
  • Einführung in das Konzertprogramm durch eine Musikwissenschaftlerin oder einen Musikwissenschaftler
  • Dirigierworkshop
  • Konzertbesuch
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