tonhalleLATE – classic meets electronic

tonhalleLATE – classic meets electronic

Foto: Akvilė Šileikaitė

tonhalleLATE – classic meets electronic

Wed 05. Mar 2025 18.00 Kleine Tonhalle
Wed 05. Mar 2025 19.30 Grosse Tonhalle
Thu 06. Mar 2025 19.30 Grosse Tonhalle
Thu 06. Mar 2025 21.30 Konzertfoyer
Fri 07. Mar 2025 22.00 Grosse Tonhalle
Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich
Paavo Järvi Music Director
György Ligeti «Concert Românesc»
Robert Schumann Sinfonie Nr. 3 Es-Dur op. 97 «Rheinische»

Live Act, Visuals und DJ interpretieren klassische Motive neu
Mit Musiker*innen des Tonhalle-Orchesters Zürich
Kollektiv Packungsbeilage Visuals
Prices CHF 55 / 20 (bis 30 Jahre)
In Zusammenarbeit mit Roos & Company

tonhalleLATE is the internationally renowned and always sold-out concert and party series organised by the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich. In the first part of the evening, the Tonhalle- Orchester Zürich, conducted by its Music Director Paavo Järvi, will perform a symphony that reflects the cheerfulness and joie de vivre of the Rhineland: Robert Schumann's 3rd Symphony, the "Rheinische". The legendary fusion of classical and electronic music follows in the second part: musicians from the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich meet an internationally renowned DJ. A long night on the dance floor is guaranteed.

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